We are a financial innovator dedicated to creating long-term relationships

Swedish Credit Group (SCG) is a company within the financial industry, which utilizes modern technology to achieve cost savings on behalf of its customers. The company has a long-term strategy to establish a durable financial institution based on good customer care and constantly improving services.

SCG is focused on delivering a holistic experience to its customers, which means that they should not have to deal with several parties like third party collection firms etc. SCG manages all aspects of the credit lifecycle, which gives the company an advantage with regards to customer focus. SCG is a registered financial institution with the Swedish Financial Inspection.

Business segments

Consumer credits

The long-term strategy of SCG includes developing numerous types of financing products directed to private individuals and companies. The first goal of the company is to gain efficiency within the management of smaller consumer credits and that is why SCG has launched three brands within this category.


Kortlån.se is the company's first brand, which is set to offer various products for borrowers in a "Google-like" manner. We think our customers mainly care about one think and that is a quick credit check and good terms in relation to the agreed loan period. Kortlån strives to work closely with its customers in order to prevent any re-payment issues.

In some cases our customers are struck by unforeseen events; like the loss of employment; which prompts us to work with extended payment plans since the nature of the basic product is short term and designed for durations of 1 - 3 months.


Extrakredit.se is our second brand targeting customers who are looking for longer durations; up to several years. Extrakredit offers only one product, which demands higher credit ratings by its customers to get longer durations. In return for this the costs can be kept lower.


Kreditkontot.se is our most flexible product and suits customers who wish to have a credit line and vary the monthly payments according to their means. KreditKontot enables customers to make minimal amortizations and mostly pay interest for certain months while other months larger amortizations can be made. The customers can decide for themselves which amortization rate to use and thus no payment plans are needed.


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